Finland has the most forest in Europe, but primeval forest has become so rare that it almost feels fictional. Is it now the enchanted forest? And is a commercial forest real? As the nature documentaries are staged, are they fiction? As feral gardens grow over the abandoned human infrastructure in Detroit, will they become future forests?

Scenic View is a nature film about how we look at a forest landscape, but also about how we look at the reality. It is a documentary film about documentary filmmaking and documentary scenes in the film are truthful and the presented facts are accurate. But at the same time the film does contain also fiction in several ways – depending on how you look at it.

Scenic View was exhibited in Helsinki Taidehalli as a 4-channel installation for 19th of January –  the 5th of March. The film had its premiere at Helsinki Documentary Film Festival on the 2nd of February 2023. At Tampere Film Festival it won the main prize in the National Competition and a special mention in the International Competition.

Scenic View Scenic View Kunsthalle Helsinki Scenic View at Kunsthalle

scenic view still 3