Print and Rescue

A documentary film commissioned by Checkpoint Helsinki
17 min, 2014

Print and Rescue was commissioned by Checkpoint Helsinki to document visual artist Ahmet Ögut’s artwork Fahrenheit 451: Reprintedj. In the work a group of firemen are driving during one week around Helsinki with a fire engine where the fire fighting equipment was replaced with a mobile printing house. The audience could order books from the firemen by book on demand. All the books in the selection had been in the course of time censored somewhere because of various and often absurd reasons.

In the documentary film Print and Rescue the firemen are explaining and presenting the artwork to the audience with their own words.

Directed, written, edited by. . . . . . .Maija Blåfield
Cinematography. . . . . . .Kerttu Hakkarainen
Sound Desing. . . . . . .Olli Huhtanen
Music. . . . . . .O Samuli A
Production assistant. . . . . . .Essi Ojanperä
Produced by. . . . . .Checkpoint Helsinki

The film is based on Ahmet Ögut’s artwork Fahrenheit 451: Reprinted.