The Nine Lives Museum Guidebook

Book of 48 pages, 2014
Edited by Maija Blåfield

The Nine Lives Museum Guidebook is a collection of writings, including literal works, background material for The Nine Lives Museum and stories about destruction, disappearance – and also a little bit about preservation.

The book has been compiled and edited by Maija Blåfield. The layout is by Pauliina Leikas. The book includes works from Maija Blåfield, Annette Gloser, Emma Hammarén, Mikko Kallio, Happy Magic Society,  Antti Kauppinen, Janne Nabb & Maria Teeri, Sebastian Rozenberg, Liisa Ryömä, Pia Sirén, Ilona Valkonen ja Miroslav Varga.

The Nine Lives Guidebook can be downloaded as PDF here.

Judge this book by its nine covers. Guidebook has been printed with nine different covers:

kansi1 kansi2 kansi3 kansi4 kansi5 kansi6 kansi7 kansi8 kansi9