Saving the World

Documentary film
55 min, 2005Marcel_enkku_korttikuva2

Documentary film Saving the World looks at the reality through the eyes of Marcel Bloemendal. He has traveled around the Europe for over 30 years non-stop. Marcel has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which he describes in following “If I did not have it, I would only be boring and average. Now I can save the world.”

Director, script, camera . . . . . .Maija Blåfield
Editing . . . . . .Sakari Kirjavainen
Sound design . . . . . .Pietari Koskinen
Production . . . . . .Cilla Werning / Kinotar Oy
Co-production with YLE Finnish Broadcast Company

Awards at film festivals: Entrevues Belfort International Film Festival 2005 (Audience Award), Nordic Glory Festival 2005 (Best film), MadeInVideo 2006 (Best ARTdocumentary)

Watch the film at Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art.